Locke Meadow Park

Our largest park to date, Locke Meadow park has spacious grounds, a basketball court, playground, equipment, and a shelter house. Locke Meadow Park is a great place for community events and family gatherings.

You may reserve the shelter house in the park for a special event. Fees are $25.00,along with a $25.00 refundable deposit

Located at the town center, Boot Jack Square is where we have the majority of our community activities. Playground equipment is there for children to enjoy.

Boot Jack Square

Veterans Park is where we host our annual Memorial Day Parade and Commemoration. Residents are encouraged to attend, as well as purchase a commemorative brick or flag to honor someone in their life.

Veterans Park

This is our walking trail around Locke Meadow Park that follows the old canal. The trail extends out to cover almost three miles of trails.

Magnolia Trail