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The Village of Lockbourne acquired a beautiful newly restored former school building that can be reserved for all your special events. Occasions such as weddings, bridal and baby showers, rehearsal dinners, graduation parties, birthday and anniversary celebrations, business meetings, gatherings and workshops.




  • “It was a great time. . All of the people I have seen today shows me what a good family we grew up to be.”


  • "I had a wonderful time here today, I wanted everybody to know!”


  • “I was excited about the event because I always wanted to come back to this building to see what the inside looked like.  It was great to be a part of this luncheon.”


Please contact Jane McJunkin at or call the Municipal building at (614) 491-3161 for availability and to make a reservation. A Rental Application is required. 





Includes use of first floor and surrounding lawn, fully stocked catering kitchen, restrooms, multiple tables and matching chairs.

                                           DAILY RENTAL FEE

  • $100 damage deposit fully refundable after inspection

  • Residental Rate:           $150 per day, per event

  • Non-Resident Rate:     $400 per day, per event

  • Non-Profit:                    $250.00 per day, per event                                                                                                                      HOURLY RENTAL FEE

  • $40.00 per hour (Monday – Thursday between the hours of 7:00a – 5:00p)

  • $50.00 per hour (Monday – Thursday between the hours of 5:00p – 11:59p and Friday – Sunday between the hours of (7:00a – 11:59p)


The Old Lockbourne School house opened its doors in early 1889.  Originally serving as a high school, it is the oldest in the Hamilton Local School District.  Once the high school was moved to Rohr Rd, the first Lockbourne School became an Elementary for grades 1 – 6, up until 1953.  The building had no indoor plumbing,  students used outhouses located behind the building near a pump for their drinking water.  Several grades were taught in just (4) four rooms.


The building was purchased by the Freemasons in 1954. At that time, most Masonic lodges would hold meetings on nights of the full moon, so members could make their way through the night to and from meetings using the moonlight to guide them. Many lodges stopped using the lunar calendar after the invention of the streetlight and only (13) thirteen Moon Lodges remain in Ohio.  Considered a Moon Lodge, the Lockbourne Lodge continued to use the lunar calendar until it merged with Groveport's Freemasons in 2019.


The building has served our Village residents for over a hundred years and continues to be a functioning part of our community for years to come. The Lockbourne Heritage Society served breakfast every Saturday for many years, and of course we still enjoy the annual Fish Fries.

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