Old Schoolhouse Open House

Monday, October 26th from 10 am - 6 pm

There have been many renovations completed on the first floor of the Old Schoolhouse at 206 Vause Street, previously known as the Masonic Lodge. 

Stop by to see all the great work, as well as have an opportunity to make suggestions to a new plan for Locke Meadow Park. 

All are welcome!

Follow These Legitimate Resources for Accurate COVID-19 Updates

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Beware of Phony Work-From-Home Offers and Other Job-Related Scams

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Scrap Tire Recycling Opportunity

Taken From Franklin County Public Health 

Asian tiger mosquitoes (Aedes albopictus) are an invasive species of mosquitoes that have settled into their home here in Franklin County over the past decade.  It is generally thought that the species made its way to the US through the international used tire trade, as tires are excellent sites for their eggs. They are a smaller but very aggressive species that likes to bite humans during the day and the evening.

Asian tiger mosquitoes prefer to lay their eggs in containers holding water close to people’s homes so they can stay close to their favorite food-you!  Once they hatch, they don’t stray far.

Asian tiger mosquitoes most likely arrived in our area via scrap tires.  Tires that are not on rims can easily collect rain and water from other sources inside of them. Eggs can survive for up to a year while dry, so even tires that are currently dry may end up breeding mosquitoes later or the next summer. In Ohio, tires are banned from landfills so you can't just throw them out.

Thanks to a grant from the Ohio EPA, Franklin County Public Health can take your scrap tires and pay to have them recycled.  You can either drop them off during one of our tire turn in events, or you can request that we come and pick them up.  At this time, we will only be accepting tires that are NOT on a rim, as tires still sealed on rims do not provide mosquito breeding habitat.  We will only accept tires from residents within our mosquito service areas (check your address on the map here); sorry, no businesses. Please limit to 10 tires per household.

OR you can request that we come pick up your rimless tires by using this webform or by calling 614-525-BITE.  We can only pickup 5 tires at a time due to space restrictions in our trucks.  Please stack tires in an easily accessible area such as your driveway.

 85 Commerce St Lockbourne OH 43137 - (614) 491-3161- Hours: MON, WED & FRI 9AM-12PM