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Memorial Day Parade and Celebration Recap

We had a wonderful time Celebrating Memorial Day and honoring generations of service with all of you! Thank you to the volunteers, participants, and guests who made it the day it was!

Special Thanks to the Memorial Day Parade Contributors. Please support them as they supported us!

  • Boy Scout Troop 526

  • Harry Buffalo’s

  • City of Columbus

  • Mike Coolman

  • Designing Local

  • Franklin County Sheriff

  • Lockbourne AG Center

  • Lockbourne Heritage Society

  • Obetz Dairy Queen

  • Portside Cafe

  • Shelly Company

  • Robert M. Stroup II

  • Thompson Plageman Memorials

  • Toyota Direct

This year, we honored generations of military families. We would like to thank everyone who helped make this year special!

Dawn Albrecht*

Mark Albrecht

Grace Amerine

Ryan Belcher

James Denney

Jimmy Denney

Michelle Elliott

Martin Hafey

Caden Grandstaff

Susan Grandstaff*

Tony Grandstaff*

Tammy Langley*

Jane McJunkin

John McJunkin

Jeff Ricker*

Rachel Ricker*

Christie Ward

*Team Leader

Stormwater Awareness information


Experts believe that almost 70% of the pollution in our rivers and lakes is carried there by stormwater runoff. Stormwater can also cause erosion and flooding. Water contaminated with sediment and pollution takes more money to treat before it can be used for drinking water.

How can you get involved?

  • Attend or set-up a socially distanced community or neighborhood clean-up (litter, streams, stormwater ponds, etc)

  • Clear storm-drains of leaf debris in your neighborhood

  • Plant native trees & plants in your garden or with a local community group

  • Install or DIY a rain barrel to catch stormwater runoff

  • Build a rain garden on your property

  • Attend an educational workshops or tours (residents/businesses/contractors)

  • Check the weather report before applying fertilizer to your lawn or any oil or chemicals to driveways and sidewalks. This will protect the environment and your pocketbook.

  • Make sure lawns have 3-4 inches of topsoil under the grass. This will reduce runoff, as well as make lawns easier to maintain.

  • Always pick up and properly dispose of pet waste

  • Businesses can participate too! Visit


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