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Council Vacancy

Recently, a Council seat has come up in Lockbourne. We would like to extend the opportunity for the residents of Lockbourne to apply for the position. Anyone interested in finishing the remaining term of years, please contact Susan French or stop by the office for a council seat application. Council must select a new member by September 11th.

According to the Ohio Revised Code, the legislative authority of the village rests in its council. Most powers and duties of the village council are set forth in Ohio Revised Code Chapters 705, 731, and 733.  Below is information on the qualifications, commitment and process.


• Must have resided in the village one year immediately preceding the appointment

• Be a registered voter of the village


• Attend monthly council meetings (1st Monday of each month)

• Attend special council meetings (as needed)

• Serve on village committee(s) as leader or member


• Complete questionnaire and submit to a council member or drop off at municipal building for consideration by MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 11.

• Meet with council for interview 

For more information please contact:

Village Office: (614) 491-3161